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highball climbing

designs for print and digital

I’m a keen but very amateur indoor climber, so I frequent Highball regularly. We’ve worked on a range of promotional material to help promote their events and reinforce their brand. The posters marked a new look and feel, whilst honouring their core brand. If you think you, or your company, could benefit from similar work GET IN TOUCH.



Promoting events for Highball is the bulk of the workload for the centre. These are usually posters and flyers distributed at Highball and in other venues nearby. We have access to some excellent photography and willing climbers / models to work with. If you think something similar could work for your business, GET IN TOUCH!

Highball Climbing Centre posters
Highball Climbing Centre posters
Highball Climbing PosterHighball Climbing PosterHighball Climbing Poster
Highball Climbing Poster
Highball Poster Designs
Highball climbing event poster designs

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