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sheringham museum

brand & logo design

Sheringham Museum approached me to redesign their branding, what we achieved was a clean, contemporary look that has been well received by staff and visitors alike. This was very much a design by committee piece, so there was plenty of skill in handling the multiple inputs to the design, whilst keeping the integrity of the visual. If you think your organisation could benefit from a similar approach, GET IN TOUCH!



The logo took the distinctive architecture of the museum as inspiration. As both a well known local landmark and something for tourists to look out for, it serves as an iconic feature of the museum and now it’s branding.


brochure DESIGN

Once the brand was established the museum wanted a simple and elegant brochure to sell the new look and start to attract visitors to the location. Also this piece had the significant challenge of designing their floor plans to fit with the branding. If you think your company or organisation would benefit form something similar, DROP ME A LINE.

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