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madam mayfair

Brand, logo and web design

One of my favourite recent projects was creating the brand and website for Madam Mayfair, UK fashion boutique. Working closely with a rapidly developing business, I helped moved the look and feel of the company forward, inline with some expert marketing guidance. The site progressed visually but remained easily maintainable for the client. All in all a successful project. If you think your company could benefit from such help, GET IN TOUCH!

madam mayfair

logo/brand design

The core of the brand was and is the logo design. Simple and typographic it gives a stylistic and bold impression of the company. We didn’t want to limit the design to closing, so as to allow the brand to grow and reach into other areas.

Madam Mayfair logo design
Madam Mayfair logo designMadam Mayfair logo designMadam Mayfair logo designMadam Mayfair logo design
Madam Mayfair logo design

madam mayfair

Website design

Madam Mayfair wanted a significant improvement of their website. We kept it running on Shopify so the client had maximum control over the site content and business. Working closely with developers I generated the page content and styles.

Madam Mayfair website on a tablet
Madam Mayfair website on a tabletMadam Mayfair website on a laptop and mobile
Madam Mayfair website design on a laptop
Madam Mayfair website homepageMadam Mayfair website product page

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